Seaside Chic Beige Boat Moccasin Sneakers - Made in Italy

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Size: 6
Color: Taupe
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Check out our Seaside Chic Beige Boat Moccasin Sneakers - they're designed in Vancouver and crafted in Italy (Yes, Italy!) and are just what you need for a playful, stylish summer look!

Created with a mix of classic moccasin elements and a modern twist, these shoes feature a lightweight rubber sole, low-rise upper, and traditional loafer design without laces. Plus, a unique blend of genuine leather and suede materials, with lace on the side add the perfect touch of quirkiness.

Handmade by skilled Italian artisans using top-quality leather from Le Marche, each pair is one-of-a-kind and embodies the perfect blend of tradition, quality, and Italian style.



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